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Methods of CBD Extraction

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There are many different ways to get the CBD we all know and love from the hemp plant and into your favorite CBD products. The method used for this process actually has a huge impact on the quality of the product you as a consumer get to choose.


Co2 Extraction

The most commonly used and most expensive method used by CBD brands including Pure Origins. Co2 Extraction leads to higher and more easily adjustable CBD concentrations, which gives you more bang for your buck! Potential contaminants are also not an issue with Co2 extraction as it is a very clean process and creates an entirely non-toxic final product.  

Steam Distillation/Extraction

Steam extraction is very inexpensive and non-toxic. So why don't many CBD brands including Pure Origins CBD use this method? It is inefficient, hard to adjust CBD concentrations, and extracts lower levels of CBD due to the heat used in the process.

Solvent Distillation/Extraction

This method is very inexpensive, requires basic gear and ingredients to do at home, and can create a potentially harmful and low quality finished product. We advise you to stay away from these type of CBD products. Always do your research before you buy and take any CBD products and look for telltale signs of credibility such as Lab reports. 

Which ones best for everyday CBD users?

Here at Pure Origins, we believe in providing our customers with the highest quality product we can for the most affordable price we can. We believe Co2 Extraction is the best fit for our products and our customers because our mission is to provide quality so that YOU can achieve maximum potential therapeutic benefits from CBD.

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