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The breakdown of how to use CBD Oil

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Mainstream has caught a hold of CBD and is pushing it full force. With this comes many products to choose from from CBD Oils to CBD candles, however the most popular and best one for people to use is the CBD Oil tinctures. This is a breakdown into what to look for and how to use CBD in its full effect!

Full Spectrum or Isolate?

When it comes to CBD oils there are a couple different types of CBD oil its self, not to mention all the different flavors and dosages, these are Full-Spectrum and Isolate, each providing you with CBD but having some slight differences which may pull you to favor one over the other.

Full-Spectrum CBD Oil is of the top CBD oils as it has what the name entails, a full spectrum of cannabinoids. This means you are getting even more than just CBD, you are also getting some of the top other cannabinoids the cannabis plant has to offer. With this you can get the full effects of CBD as it can work along side some of these other cannabinoids to provide its full benefits for you and your body.

Isolate isn't bad by any means as you are getting pure CBD, but only CBD and none of the  other cannabinoids that work synergistic with CBD as well as have benefits of their own. The main positive of an isolate is the 100% THC Free aspect of it.

Lab Tested

Buying CBD now is very competitive on the business side with many brands popping up all over the place. Sometimes this comes with some brands trying to cut corners and provide lower quality CBD products. A great way to check for this as a customer is to look for their lab tests which they should be 100% open to sharing them with you if there is nothing to hide. On these lab tests or (COAs) you can check for the different cannabinoid levels in the product and confirm if the product is actually as advertised.

Buying and using CBD Oil.

CBD Oil tinctures are the best way to consume and get CBD into your system. it is the most common way as well. To use and consume CBD oil you simply take one full tincture and place the CBD oil underneath your tongue. Leave it there for a minute or so and then swallow it down. Its as simple as that! This is also why a lot of companies offer many different flavors for their CBD oils like the popular Mint CBD oil. This helps you have a larger variety and get what works best for you.

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