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What are the effects CBD has on you?

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With many new people hearing about and shopping around for CBD a big looming question everyone has in their mind is "How would I feel if I used CBD?". This is understandable as CBD is a relatively new and going mainstream. Lets take a look at what you can expect from CBD and if it is the right choice for you.

CBD Fundamentals

First we should take a look at what CBD is and how it reacts with your body, to get a good understanding as to why it will effect you and how on a scientific level. The bases of what Cannabidiol (CBD) is, starts at the plant its comes form Cannabis. Our products and the mains CBD products you see on the market for purchase nation wide are derived from the Hemp plant which is a strain of the Cannabis sativa plant. The reason for our and all other CBD brands to use Hemp is because of its lower THC levels. Specific for it to be legal its THC levels under .3%. THC is the cannabinoid of the Cannabis plant that when absorbed into the human body makes you have psychoactive experiences. So with our products there is little to none technically less than .3% THC thus the consumer have NO psychoactive experiences. However CBD like THC is a cannabinoid of the Cannabis plant. There are many cannabinoids in the Hemp plant but the one that everyone knows and has scientific research behind it for actual benefits is CBD. The main reason for this is because our human bodies are made up of an endocannabinoid system and can actually use those cannabinoids to maintain healthy cells. This is also why you will see full-spectrum CBD products as it has a 'full-spectrum' of cannabinoids in it giving you the most benefit possible.

Now that CBD is somewhat understood we can look at how you actually feel once you take it.

How you feel when you consume CBD

Many people have many different needs and desires for CBD. Also people have many different results from CBD, this makes this questions slightly harder to answer as people see results different to others. However we can say that overall with CBD you don't feel much happen to you as you would expect as a lot of people assume psychoactive effects which don't happen as there is none there. The main effects you can expect to feel is a slight calming or warm sensation, and a relaxing feeling over your body. Now again this varies depending on person, product, and dosages. For these effects though is why people buy and try CBD products for their overall daily life events.

Is CBD right for you?

With there being so many CBD products out there it cant hurt to try it and see how it treats you. Rather you want to try CBD oil or any of the many other types of products on the market, there is something for you to see if you can really see the positive benefits of what CBD can offer.

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