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Why CBD Tinctures?

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CBD in tincture form is the easiest way to integrate Cannabidiols into your life, that's why! Pure Origins high quality Hemp Derived Full-Spectrum CBD Oil dropped underneath the tongue from a tincture is the most fast acting way in to feel the potential benefits of CBD.

Why you Should consider CBD in Tincture form:

CBD Oil in tincture form is easily digested by the body, which is great for people who may have sensitive stomachs!  This also means you're getting more active cannabinoids working in your body which means the potential benefits of CBD can be felt quicker. It is known to be the fastest acting form of intake. It also does not require the inhalation of any smoke or vapor which maintains your lung health. Other forms of intake of CBD, such as burning hemp derived CBD flower or CBD vaporizers, have potentially harmful effects on your lungs. The nicest part about tincture form CBD oil is that once you find the milligram strength that suits your needs, you have a consistent and reliable source of CBD oil for your daily needs.

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