Top things to know when shopping for CBD.

In this post we are looking at what you should look for when buying CBD. You should always be informed and know what it is you are exactly getting. Lets take a look at 5 of the top things to look for when shopping for CBD.

1.Pay Attention to How Much CBD You Are Buying

When you are looking for CBD products to buy the amount of CBD actually in the product matters. If you are newer to CBD your body may be more sensitive to it, compared to someone who uses it often.

The top products you really want to look for should have the CBD concentration clearly labeled on their bottle500 mg, for example—equals the total amount of active CBD in the entire bottle. Where as on the supplement facts paenl on the bottle should have a per dosage amount. In this case our CBD oil has 500mg per bottle where every dose has 16mg of active CBD. If the concentration amount is still of some concern to you do not hesitate to reach out and ask us we would be glad to help!


2. Has the Product Been Lab Tested?

Another important area to look at for the best CBD products is if they have been lab tested. What this does is allows you too see the lab reports where you can see the full levels of cannabinoids in the product. As well as some other very helpful information to asses if the product has been correctly advertised, and is fully safe for you.

What these lab tests can do is mainly show you the cannabinoid levels of the product. The main cannabinoid you are looking for in the most case is the CBD amount. You can look and check to see if there is an accurate amount of CBD on the lab result that can confirm the amount advertised in the product. Usually these number should be similar. You can also look at the level of THC to confirm that there is less than .3% with in the product. Most of the time a good CBD seller should offer these lab sheets for the customer on their website.

You can see our lab sheets here.


3. Where is the Hemp Sourced From?

The Hemp used in making the CBD product is the base of it all. Make sure to look out for whether the CBD source plant is domestic or foreign. Many foreign-grown CBD plants aren’t regulated in the same way that domestically grown crops are. We would highly recommend getting American Organic grown Hemp sourced CBD products.

Even if it means spending an extra buck, USA organic grown CBD is definitely the way to go if you care about quality and safety. We say with pleasure that our CBD is sourced from the top Hemp farms across the United States.


4. Cannabinoids - More is Usually Better.

Cannabinoids are what we are all after here. There main one being CBD. However there are many other cannabinoids within the Hemp plant that provide many benefits just like CBD does.

This is why a high quality full-spectrum CBD oil is becoming more and more popular as a full spectrum has a full array of cannbinoids in it. This allows to have an even greater chance at getting benefits from a CBD product rather than just getting a CBD Isolate. 


5. Learn About Who You are Buying From.

Lastly it is always important to know who you are buying your CBD from. Rather it be an online shop, a local mom-and-op shop, to a massive well known brand you can always talk with the company and get to know all about them and their company to help you make the correct choice for where you can buy the best CBD products for you.

We would love to talk to you if you have any more questions about us, our products, or just CBD in general. You can email us at any time with any questions and we will get back to as soon as we can!

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